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The 2 B’s: Busy mommy & Breastfeeding

“If you’re making mistakes it means you’re out there doing something.” -Neil Gaiman

I have been reflecting on the best comeback blog post all day and finally I thought, “I’m just going to speak from the heart!” All of my posts are from the heart but, this one is especially straight from the depths. It has been a few months since I’ve last blogged and I apologize. I was busy for a few months; was working and now I’m not working, kids getting sick what felt like every week, and my littlest one growing in length and development far greater than her age, gives a little snippet of the kind of busy I have been.

Taking a step back to reconnect with the breath, and getting off the horse and realizing I’m not some kind of super natural-wonder woman are things I should have done but, instead I pushed on. It’s a hard lesson and one that I went through and can’t undo because it has already been done. Life and being a mommy has its hard lessons. It’s okay to make mistakes and be less than perfect; one thing I will not do is let it bring me down, even if I feel sad or hurt. Get up, dust yourself off, and persevere.

My littlest one turns two in two months, which means I have been breastfeeding for just about two years. Exclusively breastfeeding too- can we pause for a moment on that one? Including my boy girl twins that I exclusively tandem breastfed for two years, I have been breastfeeding for just about four years! FOUR YEARS! To me, that is just mind-blowing and beyond me! I can’t put into words how happy and proud of myself I am especially since my ending goal was two years.

My now four year old twins self weaned at two years old and my littlest girl is not showing any signs of self weaning just yet. I do want her to self wean when she is ready(two and a half may be my cut-off though..not quite sure?!). It’ll be easier on my emotions and her emotions as well. All of my kids are excellent sleepers, averaging 12 hours from all three of them. Thank goodness!!!

I am thinking of doing a breastfeeding post where I talk about breastfeeding goals and the ups and bumps I went through to get me to my goal. Thank you all for reading my posts! It feels so refreshing to be back, writing my thoughts and feelings.

Until my next post….

Love & light

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